Hello everyone, and welcome to my website. I am a fully custom tattoo artist and airbrush artist from the Milwaukee area of WI.
Tattooing since 1994 and airbrushing since 2003. I am primarily a tattoo artist that just likes to try other mediums for recreation.
In 1994, I started tattooing at Absolute Tattooing in Menomonee Falls, WI.
In 2003 I relocated to Sacred Skin in West Allis, WI.
Since 2008, I am in my own completely private studio, simply titled, DanHazelton.com. This move has brought big changes for me.  

Through the years, my custom style has become in demand in a way I never thought was possible. Although I am infinitely grateful, I just cannot handle everyone's requests and messages. I do read them all but just don't have the time to reply to them all.
If you have sent me an e-mail or message and I never replied, I am very sorry, please understand. Lately, I have been sticking in my own personal style only.
All the skull/face/eye/mouth/flowing/textured/organic/biomechanic kind of stuff. That is my most favorite style to work in, no matter what medium. I do like to break away from that every once in a while but it is so random that I'd hate to tell everyone that I am interested and end up turning them down or not replying. Again, it is pretty random, so you do never know.

Feel free to shoot me any of your ideas but please understand if I don't answer. Part of the big changes 2008 is bringing for me is less time on this damn computer and more personal time.

If you are interested in my custom style, I'd love to hear from you. Whether it is for tattooing or airbrushing. If it is not in my style but you really happen to think I may be up for it, I'd love to hear from you as well. Just don't be upset with me if I don't reply. Way too many people these days are very typical thinkers when it comes to tattooing (airbrushing too, for that matter). I personally feel there are plenty of other respectable tattooers that can do a great job on your more everyday/typical/tattoo reality show/bandwagon subject matter.
I am a firm believer that custom work should not be duplicated in any way. Especially in the same industry/medium. Always remember to use other artists custom styles as an inspiration and never duplication. This is mostly for the client that wears the tattoo. As a client, they did what all tattooists and even tattooers appreciate most, that is doing some research for their artist and knowing that they want a custom tattoo from the start.

Then to have it duplicated onto another person forever by an uneducated tattooer, can be a hard thing to swallow. Everything here on my web site is all completely custom (minus portraits). All are designed by me for the person wearing it in the photo. Please respect us all and do not duplicate anything you see on this website.

I am not much for working conventions. Sorry, but I am much more comfortable in my studio and you would be too. So if you aren't from the area and would like to get some work done, lets figure out a trip to WI for you.
I have gotten a lot of offers to do guest spots lately and have been giving it some thought. So you never know, if you can make me and my clients as comfortable as they would be in my studio, I may just take you up on that.

For airbrushing,... again, I am primarily a tattooist and this industry doesn't leave me much time for airbrushing. I do enjoy it every now and then when time permits. So, if you would like my personal style on your car, bike or helmet, let me hear it. As always, bare with me on the reply. Wall murals are always fun also, but are time consuming and almost have to be local.

As of 2007, I really got into digital painting. All done in photoshop and corel painter, using a Wacom pen and tablet. This opens quite a few doors of options, so keep an eye out for some new services and merchandise in the future.
One thing digital art comes in very handy for is collaborating with other artists on one painting (art fusion).
I have plenty of collabs in the digital art gallery. I'm always up for some more. They can be done at our own pace and a great way to see other artists approaches. Everyone involved learns from each other. Do you have a style that you think would blend well or contrast well with mine?? ,.. I'd love to collab with ya. Doesn't have to only be tattoo artists either.

So, if you haven't already,.... get comfortable, grab a drink, cig, or whatever it is that keeps your attention and browse my galleries. There is plenty to look at.

Thank you,

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